Haystack TV comes to Android TV!

We’re pleased to announce that Haystack TV has been selected as an initial launch partner by Google to bring its personalized news service to the new Android TV platform.

Haystack TV on Nexus Player

We got great feedback from users who use our app with Chromecast to stream news via our Android and iOS apps. So Android TV seemed like a logical next step to allow users to bring the best video news service into their living rooms.

Haystack TV picks the most important video news and presents it to you in a headline news channel tailored to your interests. It’s ideal for news junkies and cord cutters who want to stay informed about the news they care about.

With this release we wanted to provide a simple, intuitive UI. The first time you open Haystack TV we ask you for your preferred categories. From there we scour the internet and put the best news in your ‘My Headlines’ channel. You can turn on your headlines, sit back, and watch the latest developing stories. As you use Haystack TV, it adapts to your tastes and gets smarter about what news videos it should show you.

We also provide additional channels so you can navigate news across current events, entertainment, business, sports, and technology. Or simply switch to our late night channel for a nighttime laugh for the best from Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Conan.

You can find Haystack TV in the Google Play store on your Nexus Player or other Android TV compatible devices and television sets. We’re proud to be featured alongside such as apps as Netflix, TED, and Hulu Plus and many others.

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