Haystack TV Now Available on the New Apple TV

“We believe the future of TV is apps,” said Apple’s Tim Cook. May we take it a step further and say that apps might just hold the future of TV news? Again and again, we’ve heard people say they want to find an easy way to watch the news on TV without having to pay huge cable bills. So when Apple unveiled a new Apple TV that supports third-party app developers, we got started on getting Haystack TV ready for the platform right away. We already supported Airplay on our iPhone and iPad apps, so it made a lot of sense to take it a step further and build a native Apple TV app.

While designing for the new tvOS platform, we wanted to make sure we stayed true to our lean-back philosophy. That is, allowing you to simply switch on the TV and watch the stories that matter to you without having to do extra work. When you launch Haystack TV on your new Apple TV, your ‘headlines’ channel will start playing continuously with a video lineup that’s tailored to your specific interests. As usual, you can further personalize your newscast by adding favorite topics and sources.

So what makes Haystack TV unique? We believe it’s our dedication to creating unique newscasts for each user. Our personalization technology adapts to your tastes and gets smarter as you watch the news. We also let you browse other news channels without having to interrupt video playback. We understand the importance of being able to multitask. So here it is! Check out these screenshots from our new app. To download the app, just search for “Haystack TV” on the Apple TV App Store. Email us at feedback@haystack.tv to let us know what you think.

Haystack TV onboarding page

Haystack TV tvOS app

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