Haystack TV Featured by Google

We believe staying informed is important and understand that news should be available to you whenever you want it. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make sure Haystack TV is available on all your screens -- your smart phone, tablet and even your home TVs. We’re excited to be featured on the Google Developer’s blog today, especially when many of our users have expressed that Chromecast is their go-to device when it comes to watching Haystack TV on the big screen.

If you haven’t tried Chromecast yet, you’ll find that it’s the perfect complement to the Haystack TV app available for Android and iOS. As soon as you open the app and tap the Cast button, your phone turns into a powerful remote control. You can browse headlines, select stories to play and even remove videos from your queue without disrupting what’s casting to your TV. We’re excited to be part of this TV revolution and hope you’ll continue to join us on the journey.

Haystack TV Chromecast

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