What is Haystack TV?

Haystack TV is your personal headline news channel. We learn about your interests in order to surface the news that matters to you! Watch it on your phone, tablet or TV.

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We do the hard work, you sit back and enjoy tailored news

There is so little time to see what is going on in your world! We show you today's top news stories to make sure you stay on top of what matters most.

  • Track the topics that matter to you

    We identify trending topics throughout the world. We allow you to add them to favorites so that you can keep track of the topic and we learn about you.

  • Switch across news channels to narrow focus

    Multiple channels so you can navigate across world, entertainment, sports and more. Or simply switch to our late night channel for a nighttime laugh.

  • See it everywhere

    Enjoy Haystack TV while on mobile devices as well as in the comfort of your living room with our support for Chromecast and Apple TV.

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