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How it works

Choose the categories, sources and topics that matter most to you to customize your newscast.

Watch live coverage for breaking events.

Easily access breaking news alerts, local weather, stock info and much more through Newsline , the world's first interactive ticker.

Explore topics like Weather and International News.

Go deep with carefully curated channels that bring coverage from all over the world together in one spot.

As seen in

The Hollywood Reporter

“Customized preferences allow Haystack users to follow celebrities, companies, local news, weather and other things they care about. Haystack can help you on a daily basis beyond any major breaking news in the spotlight.”

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Consumer Reports

“Among its newest features is Newsline, an interactive news ticker that includes local news headlines, weather conditions, forecasts and alerts, stock market data, and top stories across business, entertainment, science, and technology categories.”

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Next TV

“Bloomberg is very pleased to deepen our relationship with Haystack News. New platforms such as Haystack News extend our reach, and bring our trusted content to new audiences.”
- M. Scott Havens, Chief Growth Officer and Global Head of Strategic Partnerships, Bloomberg Media.

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“Haystack News' advantage is that it now, as of this update, offers a variety of content — including both on-demand and live-streaming news, and both national and local news coverage.”

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“Haystack News is the best free streaming news app.”

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“Haystack News helps local news stations go wide with - and monetize - their content.”

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